Greylocke & Company provides interim staffing, project support and contingent search services to public and private corporations, law firms, trade associations and not-for-profit organizations primarily in the metropolitan Washington, DC area and Mid-Atlantic region. Our specialization and experience centers on mid-to-executive level professionals with expertise in accounting, contracts management and regulatory compliance. We are available anytime for a confidential discussion regarding your organization’s specific requirements.

Candidates seeking to accelerate and re-direct their career path, or simply find a fresh and new challenge in employment, can visit our Job Postings page for current opportunities. We also have many clients willing to make an investment hire for the right candidate.
Greylocke & Company is pleased to announce the expansion of our Compliance Professional search services to include Global Mobility Professionals.
Contact us today to see how we can support your international expansion plans.

Reasons Clients Engage Us:

  • Calendar or fiscal year end audit support
  • Regulatory inquiries
  • Information systems upgrade/implementation
  • Difficult, complex or infrequent searches
  • Growth in business
  • Headcount control
  • Leave of absence
  • Employee turnover
  • Contract proposal or award
  • ”Try before you buy”
  • Interim help while finding “the right fit” candidate
  • Special projects